Welcome! To the 2011 Eastern European Expat Blog Competition.

Voting is now CLOSED for 2011! Congratulations to the winning blogs and a big hats off to all the nominated blogs and everyone who has taken part. I hope this competition has served to raise the profile of all the excellent expat writers in eastern and central Europe.

Total Votes Cast (2011) - 696

EEEC Silver Prize Winner 2011 - CzechingIn

Wow, should it be congratulations or commiseration? CzechingIn is the winner of the EEEC blog awards' Silver Prize 2011 but only lost out to the gold by 3 votes!


Accumulating over 40% of all votes, the results speak for themselves. CzechingIn is a hugely popular, ever fresh blog with one of the simplest, yet joyously effective designs we have seen. We like the sheer scope of writing present on CzechingIn making there really be - something for everyone. If you haven't been there yet, please head over and 'czech out!' our Silver Prize winner and let's all look forward with anticipation regarding what interesting writings the English lady in Prague will deliver to us next!

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