Welcome! To the 2011 Eastern European Expat Blog Competition.

Voting is now CLOSED for 2011! Congratulations to the winning blogs and a big hats off to all the nominated blogs and everyone who has taken part. I hope this competition has served to raise the profile of all the excellent expat writers in eastern and central Europe.

Total Votes Cast (2011) - 696

EEEC Gold Prize Winner 2011 - Christopher's Expat Adventure

Drum roll please... The GOLD PRIZE winner of the EEEC 2011 expat blog competition is...

Christopher's Expat Adventure!


The aim of this competition was to raise awareness of the excellent writing present on the expat blogosphere in eastern (and central) Europe. Christopher's Expat Adventure is the perfect example. Simple and clean design coupled with regular posts produced to an extremely high standard. Christopher's Expat Adventure is a must see for anyone thinking of visiting Czech Rep. on holiday, relocating as an expat or for anyone who is simply curious in what Brno, and the country as a whole, has to offer. At EEEC, we like how easy it is to navigate around the blog and with hundreds of posts going back to 2009, is very easy to get lost (in a good way!) amongst the wealth and depth of writing.

If you haven't been over there yet, you must! You won't be disappointed!

Once more, congratulations! and EEEC, along with the many other readers of Christopher's Expat Adventure will be waiting with baited breath to see what the blog has to offer in the remainder of 2011 and 2012!

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